In Llafranc, the storms from the east, the Ilevantades, often make the beach disappear. Sometimes the buildings located on the first line of the coast are flooded. A context from which two opposite types of scenarios arise: the calm of the sea in times of prosperity and the strength of the waves during strong storms.

Here you will find information about el Llevant: who we are, what we do, how we do it, so that your days with us are a good one. If you need to know anything more, just contact us.


The Hotel Llevant began in 1933, when Maria Gratacós, "la Blanca", opened the Llevantí inn in the bay of Llafranc. In the fifties, the marriage between Jaume Farrarons (goddaughter of the founder) and Montserrat Turró, took over the management of the Hotel. From the nineties onwards, the jump is made to the third generation, with Kim in the kitchen, Pep in charge of the living room and Carme taking care of the accommodation.

With eighty-five years of history behind it, the Hotel Llevant is yet another generational change. Now with Enara, Marc and Eneko taking over. With the same hospitality with which "la Blanca" brought the inn, without losing the family character that has made the hotel gain its prestige and recognition among its guests. This year, this hospitality is evident in the opening of the restaurant La Blanca.


The Hotel Llevant project is defined by constant change, a change of everything so that nothing changes. Our hotel is a place where we offer personalized, vocational attention. We will treat you like "Our House", as you treat a guest.

The incorporation of the fifth generation. Its motto is to rethink, to ask ourselves what hospitality is in the middle of the 21st century. As an explicit act, at the same time symbolic, the generational change materializes in a brave architectural reform, carried out by Pau Llimona.

The constant renovation of the hotel, its architecture and the services offered there dates back to the time when the family lived in the hotel and Jaume Farrarons was obsessed with always improving and "doing work" was a constant. All this to stay focused on people. "We don't care as much about the operating account as we do about what we're doing."


El Llevant offers you a wide range of services. The room service served by Restaurant La Blanca, we can advise you on the activities of the area based on your interests or our towel rental service for the beach. You can consult a detailed list of our services by clicking here.


Hotel Llevant is committed to planning its activity and business development in accordance with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to working to disseminate them. You can check out our commitment to sustainability.