Rosa Aguiló

From August 21 to October 13

El Llevant presents a selection of artists linked to Llafranc

“The drawing is the most
intimate part of the

“Hotel Llevant reminds me of childhood games, by the sea, in the sand, hidden under the old wooden platform of the restaurant.

Memories of youth, from the first exhibitions of a painter who wanted to make her work known. Montserrat, so close, so sensitive, and so energetic and enthusiastic. You noticed his desire for art, his persistent enthusiasm. Everything had to go well. And everything went well”

“Observation is an ever-present ingredient. The observation of nature, the small changes, its lights and the space it occupies, is surely the reference that always accompanies me, absorbs me and excites me.

Dialogue at work is necessary. That is why you must always be attentive. Pay attention to everything I do, to the nuance of the color, to the gesture, to the tool, to the thickness of the line and its expressive value, to the support... Talking to the work is the question.”

“I seek communication with the viewer, to entrust lived emotions and ideas using languages ​​and various formal resources”

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